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April, 2016 Newsletter


Rattlesnake season is upon us!  Is your dog protected?

About Rattlesnakes:

Rattlesnakes are the only venomous land snake in the state of California.  They are most active during the months of April to October, however, they are nocturnal in the hottest months of the year.  They are most active in the mornings due to the sun. Their diet consists of small vermin (mice, vole, and gophers), lizards, frogs and other snakes.  Their habitat is rocky grasslands, streambeds, and forest, so our local foothills are the perfect hiding sport for rattlesnakes (Aull).

Safety Tips for Hiking with Your Pet

1.    Always wear boots that cover your ankles while hiking.
2.    Stick to the groomed trails, avoid tall grasses, weeds and heavy underbrush.
3.    Always keep your dog on a leash
4.    Never put your hands or feet somewhere you cannot see
5.    Step on logs, not over them
6.    Do not try to grab sticks or branches in the water rattlesnakes can swim.
7.    In the case of a snake bite we urge you to stay calm and seek medical attention immediately; do the same for your pet.

Dog Vaccination:

The rattlesnake vaccination comes highly recommended by our doctors (for those dogs that join their owners for frequent hiking in the foothills or around Black Butte Lake). The vaccine was created to help protect against the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, which is the most common in our area.

When a rattlesnake bites your dog and injects venom, it is very painful and can have serious consequences. Rattlesnake venom can produce swelling, tissue damage, infection and even death. Treatment for snakebites could include but is not limited to IV fluids, hospitalization, antibiotics, and even administration of anti-venom; this can cost hundreds of dollars. The rattlesnake vaccine works by producing protective antibodies against the venom; the antibodies act as a neutralizer.  Having the vaccination on board may significantly reduce the risks of the rattlesnake venom, however, any snake bite is an emergency and we stress you see a veterinarian as soon as possible.Our doctors at Mid Valley Vet Hospital suggest getting a vaccine at your earliest convenience.  The first vaccine will need to be boostered one month after administration, and the second vaccine should provide up to six months of protection.  There are no significant side effects to the vaccine listed by the manufacturer.  Some side effects may include mild swelling at the injection site, vomiting, diarrhea, or lethargy.  The consequences of not having the vaccine far outweigh the side effects. Starting your dog’s rattlesnake vaccination schedule this spring will help to provide more protection during peak rattlesnake season. We hope to make an appointment for your dog soon!April’s Featured Product: VetSource

Featured Product: VetSource

Mid- Valley Veterinary Hospital is excited to announce our new online ordering system, VetSource.  VetSource is a home delivery system of your pet’s medication and nutrition needs.  It is very easy to use and can be accessed directly from www.mid-valleyvet.com.

VetSource is a group of licensed Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians that love their job.  They have earned Vet- VIPPs accreditation and are licensed in all 50 states.  VetSource sources their products directly from the manufacturers and are committed to regulatory standards. They offer the safest home delivery pet pharmacy around.

VetSource has a proven process.  The doctors here at Mid- Valley Veterinary Hospital recommend a medication for your pet.  You as the client then enter our website at www.mid-valleyvet.com and place your order.  VetSource authorizes and approves the order.  The prescription is confirmed and verified by their licensed pharmacists. The prescription gets confirmed and verified again, and then VetSource fills the order.  This order is checked before it is packaged and shipped.  Finally, after all of this careful planning and organization the prescription arrives at your door.

So, why as a client should you be excited about VetSource?  VetSource is convenient, and is aligned with all major mail carriers to ensure the fastest delivery for our clients.  As a client you should allow one week to have orders refilled, however, there are overnight and expedited delivery option for an additional cost. VetSource constantly evaluates their pricing so that our clients will receive fair and competitive pricing.
For any further information and questions please feel free to call us here at Mid-Valley Vet 530-865- 5634, or visit us online at www.mid-valleyvet.com.

April’s Meet A Staff Member:

This month we would like to introduce our newest Doctor! Dr. Melissa Garrod- Van Laningham helps us out on Friday’s at Mid – Valley Vet Hospital.  Dr. Melissa was born and raised in Doyle, Ca, and currently resides in Arbuckle, Ca.  Dr. Melissa grew up on a farming and cattle operation in her hometown. She is the proud mother of three boys, Nathan (12), Colton (9), and Quinn (5).  Besides working at MVVH she is also the Director of Food Science for Superior Farms.  Dr. Melissa received her Bachelor’s Degree at U.C. Davis and then proceeded in attending U.C. Davis Veterinary School. Go Aggie’s! In her free time Dr. Melissa is raising sheep, shuttling her boys around to their varying activities and listening to her audio books.  She also enjoys team roping when the time permits it.  Some things you might know about Dr. Melissa is that her favorite color is turquoise, her favorite food is all kinds of Mexican food, and her favorite movie is The Man From Snowy River.  Come visit Dr. Melissa soon!

Mid Valley Vet Hospital
April, 2016 Newsletter

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