Our three veterinarians provide 24 hour, 365 day-a-year veterinary services to our dairy and beef clients. Each veterinarian has his own fully-equipped practice vehicle and can perform most routine services on-farm. We also have a haul-in beef and dairy cattle facility for our clients’ convenience.

Our veterinarians offer complete reproductive services (including ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis, bull breeding soundness exams and embryo transfer), vaccination services, herd health services and dairy management services.

We have developed an extensive library of vaccination protocols, treatment protocols, reproductive protocols, and management training programs for our clients.

We have a full-service mastitis lab for our dairy cow and dairy goat clients. All samples are read by qualified veterinarians and technicians and all non-Mycoplasma results are returned to the submitter within 24 hours of plating the samples.

Mycoplasma samples are read 5 days and 10 days after plating and results are returned to the submitter after the last reading. Our prices are very competitive and come with full veterinary technical support. Our lab participates in Cornell University’s QMPS Laboratory Proficiency Program to ensure quality assurance.