Due to the extreme demand 3rd party pharmacies place on our staff time, we will no longer be approving online prescriptions through 3rd party providers via fax or the 3rd party’s website. Under California law, we cannot charge for prescriptions, and clients are able to request a written prescription for any product we recommend for your pet. Please note that we can legally deny a prescription for a product we do not recommend for your pet, and we can deny a prescription if we have not seen your pet in an appropriate amount of time (usually one year but may be less depending on disease(s) and medication(s)).

Prescriptions through one of our channels (picked up in-house or ordered through our online pharmacy) are automatically entered into our medical records, freeing our team to focus more time on pet care and giving our veterinarians better insight into your pet’s care. If you would like to continue the convenience of online ordering and give our team the time they need to continue to provide the excellent pet care you have come to expect from our hospital, please consider ordering through our online pharmacy using the following link Our online prices are competitive with 3rd party online vendors and are often cheaper after selecting the autoship option and taking advantage of the discounts. By ordering online through us, you are supporting a local small business, and those dollars are re-invested heavily in our community!

You can always call the office to purchase or refill a prescription from us, or you may use our dedicated prescription refill phone number: 530-801-1877. Please remember that we can also ship medications you purchase from our physical hospital to your home at no charge.

If you ultimately would like to use a 3rd party online provider, we will generate a written prescription that you can pick up in person from our office during normal business hours.


Please call the office or email us to place your order.